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Ordering Steps (Processes)

  • Proposal of surface coat treatments to meet the required performances
  • Arrangement about the service conditions (environmental conditions)
  • Confirmation of processing area (masking area), coating thickness, inspection items, etc.
Establishment of specifications ⁄ Estimates
  • We decide specifications based on information that was offered, and make an estimate.
  • We evaluate it by test piece, and best proposal of the solution is possible.
Contract → Receiving substrate
  • We can engage for manufacturing original substrates on the contract-basis.
  • The received substrates will be subjected to a receiving inspection for appearance and quantity.
Coating steps
(1) Degreasing
Heat cleaning or solvent cleaning to remove foreign matters on the surface of the substrate (typically oil)
(2) Surface preparation
Blasting to improve coating adhesion on the substrate by enlarging the processing surface area.
(3) Coating
The type of coating applied such as air spray or electrostatic powder spray are selected depending on the paint type and the material of the substrate.
(4) Drying ⁄ heating
Thermal treating furnace is used for heating. For making a film thicker, the steps of "Coating and Drying ⁄ heating" may be repeated several.
(5) Inspections
Inspections for appearance, film thickness, and pin-hole are carried out. If no abnormal signs, the products are packaged and shipped.

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