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Non-stick, Mold-releasing

Fluoropolymer exhibits its unique non-stick property that makes it difficult to stick any substances. Excellent water repellency and oil repellency; the performance level can be represented by a contact angle with water.

 Contact angle with water
Silicone resin90°~110°


Fluoropolymer exhibits its unique self-lubrication property with low friction coefficient. We developed a specialty coating with wear-resistant and heat resistant properties that could not be brought by sole fluoropolymer. It is also useful for oil-free applications.

 Dynamic friction coefficientStatic friction coefficient

High temperature mold-releasing, High temperature sliding

Developed a highly-hard coating that fully exhibit its non-stick and low-friction properties even in high temperature environment where conventional fluoro coatings cannot be used. Improvement in the durability in the appications involving "high temperature mold-releasing and high temperature sliding".

  Heat resistance Pencil hardness
Room temperature 100°C 150°C
Heran SH 450°C 9H 9H 9H
Heran S 300°C 5H 5H F
Heran CF 260°C 9H 9H 9H
PTFE 260°C H F 3B


Fluoropolymer has superior chemical resistant properties that can withstand against any attack of acid ⁄ alkali substance, oxidizing agent, or organic solvent. TOHO KASEI proposes the best specifications based on our long experience.


Thick film around up to 1000µm is formed by repeatedly applying fluoropolymer paint. It can be applied on the inside and the outside of a substrate.

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Thick film can be formed inside by rotary molding with powder resin sealed. Uniform film thickness can be formed even on a substrate in complicated shape.

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Fluoropolymer sheet is directly placed on a substrate for lining. Significantly superior thickness is secured enough for storing dangerous drugs, chemical liquid transfer, and other applications, compared with other corrosion-resistant processing.

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