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General industries ⁄ Automotive applications

Coating for high temperature mold-releasing

Succeded in maintaining its excellent mold-releasing performance and hardness in a hier temperature zone (200°C or higher).
Widely used in a variety of applications such as thermal deposition application.

Example of application
For thermal deposition in a complicated shape not applied by a mold-releasing sheet.

coating coating
  Heran CF Heran PFA PTFE
Pencil hardness Room temperatur 9H H~2H F~H
200°C 9H 3B 3B
250°C 9H Impossible to measure Impossible to measure

Coating for sliding

Developed a hybrid coating of fluoropolymer and other resins. The performance is upgraded with the hardness in addition to the fluoropolymer's unique sliding property. Higher durability than ever; Available in a higher temperature zone where fluoropolymer cannot be used.

  Heran SH Heran S Denatured PTFE PTFE
Heat resistance 450°C 300°C 200°C 260°C
(pencil hardness)
Room temperature 9H 5H 3H H
100°C 9H 5H 2H F
200°C 9H F 4B 3B