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Semiconductor applications

ULSHEED PCTFE corrosion-resistant coating

sheet Zoom up ULSHEED coating
to silica glass

Unique lower permeability, lower transmission rate, higher hardness, and metal-free, overwhelming other corrosion resistant coatings. Ultra-shield coating ULSHEED with superior durability

Problems with peeling in corrosion-resistant coating ⁄ lining may be caused by permeation ⁄ transmission of liquid or gas into the film. ULSHEED succeeded in significant decrease in permeation/transmission compared with conventional fluoro coatings.

example PCTFE

Coating for prevention of CMP slurry clinging

For prevention of CMP slurry clinging

  • Prevention of aluminum substrate distortion, by the effect of low temperature heating.
  • No need of primer.
  • Pin-hole-less processing brought by the nature of thermoplastic resin.
  • Improvement in durability brought by scratch-resistant harder film.
  • Significant decrease in slurry clinging
  • Improvement in the cleanliness by prevention of contamination.