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Solve Problems

Successful improvement in the food making machine

Case of noodle making machine


In the noodle dough rolling process (to gradually flatten) in a noodle making line, solid stainless steel roll was conventionally used and provided with metal scrapers to scrape the dough stuck on.


Coating to this roll made it "scraper-less", resulting in preventing noodle dough sticking on the roll, improving cleanliness, and improving yield.

Solve Problems

Co-existence of opposite performances

Co-existence of opposite performances, non-sticking and non-sliding of noodle strips on the roll.
Noodle making machine with scraper-less specification that was the biggest theme in the noodle making industries.

Co-existence of opposite performances, mold-release and grip performances.
Succeded in co-existence of opposite performances by special processing developed.
Improvement in cleanliness
Scraper-less brought by non-stick effect to reduce noodle refuse.
Improvement in yield
Reduction of dough sticking on the roll effected by scraper-less specification.
Improvement in food texture
Smooth dough to make not-rough noodle.

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